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Quality Improvement Services Ltd was established in 1990 to help companies gain approval to British and International Standards specializing in the IT industry. Rob Easter the founding director has worked on the principle that it is easier to retain clients than find new ones and still works with the 1st client 20 years later. With his background in IT, MoD contracts and approval systems it was a simple transition six years ago to working with IT Security, Business Continuity and Standards such as BS 7799 and more recently ISO 27001 and NHS requirements.

Too many of these types of projects are seen as "flavour of the month" by staff who just feel they need to weather the storm and wait for the next "initiative". Ours is a low key, hands on approach, and accepts that no company starts from scratch, most companies will already have back-up systems, fire fighting equipment and many of the basic systems required for preventing disasters, business continuity and disaster recovery. We look to build upon these established practices. Most importantly the aim is to change the culture not just produce the paperwork that will gain the approval tick in the box.

The question we look to help answer is what risks are there. Then, is it worth further action to eliminate or reduce the likelihood of the event and/or can we reduce the impact and is the costs justifiable? Finally has enough been done to obtain approval? The aim must always be to do what is good for the company and then, if necessary, convince the assessor that the approach is right.

The interaction of ISO 27001 requirements, risk assessments, assets and procedures and practices is complex and QIS have developed software tools to simplify these tasks.

Our services range from providing advice to producing the documentation and managing the approval process, everything necessary to make things happen.

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